Up is a term that can be used with many other interesting words to make phrases. But by itself, it is very boring. So bring that, in fact, it can kill a person if they look at it long enough, and you gotta have something very boring (i mean very boring) for that to happen, if you know what's going on here. Yeah. You really do.

In fact, it should not be confused with its alternative, down, which it is most commonly confused with (hehe).

Up is used in a lot of phrases, but the most popular one is displayed below this sentence, as it is the most fun to use and is the most common (that's what popular means, pretty much) in most books (as in, English or whatever you wanna call it these days.

So yeah. Right under this here sentence.

Up yours Edit

Up yours is the best and ONLY way to say it.


See also Edit

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