A video-game is a type of couch used for throwing at people when mad at them. The general price range for video-games are between $10 and $10,000,000, but it is hard to say, so this is an estimated boundary. The use of video-games has become widespread, and are used in the Navy a lot, often to sink submarines with.

History Edit

They were used in 1999, called the "War of the Video-games". It was between two geeks, named Ima Loser and Heza Dummy. Turns out, they couldn't pick up the video-games so they decided to use their fists. They tired themselves out after punching the air for long enough, and no one won the war. It lasted about 10 seconds.

Criticism Edit

Many a folk say that video-games will make you die which is actually not true and will never be true because if you are someone like your mom or your dad who hates video-games then you can just go fucking kill yourself because video-games are the greatest thing that mankind ever made, aside from some songs by Miley Cyrus ....uh....Elvis.

Names Edit

Video-games have many different names, such as "the Halo video-game", "the Tony Hawk video-game" and the "grand theft auto video-game" and so on. They are used to sit on and play couches with.

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