If you were looking for waking up, then please look the other way.

"Waking Up in Vegas"
Waking Up in Vegas
What the....?

2009 (or something)



Gorilla Pop



Waking Up in Vegas is a single by Katy Perry that was released in 2009 (or something). Now, tell me, how the frig would you be in a situation where you friggni litrally wake up in vegas? That's just impossible. That could never happen. Who knows what she's talking about.

So don't get fooled by this song's apparent greatness, because there's nothing that's great about it. It's just a regular, ordinary, annoying, boring song created by Katy Perry.

Why Vegas? Edit

Why didn't she pick some other city to write about than Las Vegas? They have plenty of things in places like New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and maybe even Denver, so....? Why Vegas? Is it just....the most....interesting? Or something?

Music video & Writing Edit

The music video depicts her in Vegas and getting a whole lot of money and then blowing it all on crap and then she has to leave. That's friggin pointless. What kinda song is this, anyway? Who would write a song like this? Besides Katy Perry?

Oh, and usually she doesn't write her own music, of course, but she helped co-write this one, apparently. Yep, figures, because it doesn't make any sense.

I bet it originally made sense and now it doesn't because she joined in the writing effort of creating this stupid, radio-friendly, high charting song.

Popularity Edit

The only reason it's so popular is because radio stations are like: "Oh hey, it's Katy Perry. Hey, Katy, you're real hot" and she's prob like "I I want you to play this song over and over until it starts killing people. Understand?" and they'd say: "'Waking Up in Vegas'?" and they'd look at their surroundings, the CD they're holding, and her, and then they say: "Alright. As you wish!"

And so radio stations wear it out, and her business probably buys about a 100,000 digital sales of it a day so that keeps it high in the charts. So they worked around the obstacles to make the song popular. Wow. How cheap is that?

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