Walmart, currently confused on whether to stick to English or Foreignese.

Walmart, an illegal drug store that is opened near a Police station in Carcer City, is a store that has everything but what you want. Always. Never otherwise. If you're looking for an apple, what do you find? Not an apple. You may find Apple pie, apple creme, apple tooth paste, apple jelly, an Apple computer, but NOT an apple.

Walmart is built on all the planets except Pluto, because workers were too tired by the time they got there, and it was too cold anyway. Instead, they hung around Earth and got bored, so they decided to overpopulate the world with Walmarts.

Walmart is known to not have electricity and thus shuts off often whenever customers are shopping in there. They also do not carry food or items relating to enjoyment for kids and above, but do carry things that kids do at school all the time, such as meth and cocaine. Weed is also often produced.Walmart is an acronym for WEED. Its new symbol symbolizes its independency to attempt to conceal itself from the Police.

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