A wannabe rapper is someone who wants to rap, but can't rap. It's a loosely defined genre that people like to call "a loosely defined genre" for some weird, strange, pointless reason that no one seems to be able to understand too well. So yeah. Mhm.

Wannabe rappers do like to think that they're cool though, so they wear those bandanas, their shirts off, start posing for the ladies who are like "wtf are u doing u sicko" and everyone's just cheering them on because they're making a fool of themselves and all, so yeah, it's real funny if you ask me, to see them rap because everyone knows that they can't but they try to anyway and it's just....ha. Hilarious, man.

As one of them has been quoted saying:

"Loosin' up, 'nigga'. Chill. What yo worryin' 'bout? Id jus' life. Dis iz how wees rowll yo."

Notice that the N word is in that sentence. However, it is not racist because it's a black person talking to someone else. And that's how man works. Yep.

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