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Want is duh album by 3OH!3, which doesn't even have any good songs on it (oh that was COLD....what a harsh insult <<<< Lol wtf, like totally ha whatever OMG)....

History Edit

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The album was in production for a total of 37 years, as the two female members of 3oh3 were working their asses off on it before they were born to produce a sucky album that meets the best they can do. And that says a lot right there, yeah.

3oh3 suck....and if you disagree, then can you explain how they blow instead of suck? Which adjective would you prefer over the other? Hmm? What's your personal preference? Yeah? Hmm? Yeah that's what I fucking thought.

Chart positons, and, ehm, other stuff like that Edit

US: N/A, because it fucking SUCKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right.... It sucked that much that it didn't even friggin chart on the charts and such, so whatcha think about that, 3oh3?

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