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Warner Bros. Records is the second most popular records company, behind the fictional WTF Are Records company.

It is not owned by the Warner Brothers. Why would you be so stupid to think that it was actually owned by Warner Bros. Records?! HA! YOU STUPID RETARD! Now let's go smoke some pot.

Friends suck! Oh. You don't know what I'm talking about? It's a long story.

History Edit

Warner Bros got sued for being friggin idiots for trying to buy MySpace in the early 1940's back when the War of 1812 was going on, and that effected their little "buy" so they tried to steal it and you know that didn't friggin work so no one knows why, but for some reason Warner Bros thought it would work.

They got put in jail for 70 years and never got out. Until now. But then they got put back in jail....

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