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Weed (weed)
Weed's main logo, used in grocery stores such as Walmart. The logo was meant to be Obama's big painting in the Black House


In 1992 (probably June)


Snoop Dogg's father

Number of Weeds

45,000,000,000+ (in the United States)

176,000,000,000+ (in Russia)



A weed is a type of plant that people hate and want to burn, along with their annoying neighbor's house that's in the way of your plants' breathing air.

History Edit

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Well to be fair, we don't really know who invented cannabis in the first place. Many people have pointed at Snoop Dogg's biological father, who was the first human being to smoke a blunt. There is still no evidence of this.

1992-1993 Edit

In late 1992, weed or as they called it back then "Colombia mint", gained more popularity and more people started smoking it. New Yorkers especially, rolled a few blunts outside coffee shops, to prevent the awful smell of "coffee beans" come near their nose. After a few years, Weed became the image of Oklahoma City and Detroit, where mainly blacks and Hispanics gave eachother handjobs just to get some fine ass marijuana.