Wikipedia's logo. Soo exciting. *Yawns*

Wikipedia is a website on the Internet which offers non-comedic answers to questions that nerds look up or crazed gamer fans. They have millions of articles that no one really looks at, like "parrot". I mean, who's going to EVER look up that word unless there's something funny about it?

There's actually a rule in Wikipedia that practically says, "You cannot be humorous while editing Wikipedia in ANY way, or it will be deleted automatically," making it sound like a death threat.

Wikipedia staff members are probably run by like 8 people, all of whom are probably incessively intoxicated 71.04 percent of the time.

Wikipedia supposedly has merchandise with their globe on it. Hmm. Interesting. Shirts for boring people to match their style....


Wikipedia started out a day after Misencyclopedia did, trying its best to copy us in its very best fashion so it could start selling drugs to little crippled kids and blowing up childrens' hospitals and childrens' schools in Africa.

Wikipedia came to prominence when it went to prison and then broke out later.


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