People don't really look like that without anything from bones; it's just a myth that the x-ray (+ doctors) was trying to prove.

An x-ray is a very loud, annoying, ridiculous, unnecessary method that doctors use to check to see if a patient has been eating tumors any problems with their body, such as a little kid crying his eyes out because he got a friggin scrape on his elbow, or something completely ridiculous and stupid like that.

X-rays are also known to be extremely dangerous, according to people who don't know what they're talking about, so if you want to be one of those people who are afraid of everything (like your grandma) then go ahead, but it's not the most fun thing to be, as you can see, because x-rays are sometimes thought to scare people, deep inside, and they just lie about checking to see if you have any problems, and then they either want to harm you more, or they will just laugh and send you home, believing that you are already terminal.

History Edit

Johnny MarksonEdit


Kind of wants to scare you to make you think that you have an alienic hand, eh?

The first x-ray was developed in 19 BC when Johnny Markson got tired of playing Mario on his gameboy and he needed something better to do. So, he decided to invent something that would scare the crap out of people, and would make them go into a lot of pain and possibly become terminal from: the x-ray.

When he completed his x-ray invetion, John McCain was first to try it, of course, because he was one of the few people alive on earth back then. However, the x-ray's invention was made wrong then, and it turned out that it made people live for a really long time (John McCain's still alive, barely) instead of kill them off easily, and he figured out that he had wired something wrong and that his entire plan had been foiled, and so he gave up and went back to playing his gameboy.

But that wasn't all of "the x-ray".

Second inventionEdit

There was a dinosaur named "Bob" and he decided to create an x-ray that would actually scare people, as he had a much more sophisticated and evil mind than Johnny Markson did, and so he got to work, and after fifteen years, it was finally finished, so he got someone to try it (in all the television and radiointerview's he'd been in he never stated who the person was; just some random person he found), and they actually died from it, so his x-ray was a complete success.


And there was this evil man out there who felt it was best to steal the dinosaur's work, so he took out a gun and, while the dinosaur was sleeping, shot it right in the head a total of seventeen times, as reported by MTV.

Then, he stole it and brought it to his lab, fixing it up and making it kill people at a faster rate, and soon, the x-ray was born, and it's permanent version was created by him (Seamore Fenneliesasion).

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