Oh yeah.

An xylophone, pronounced , is an instrument that manly men play for orchestras and solo. These instruments are known for being hit a lot (abused).

These instruments are also played by royalty, such as kings and presidents. In fact, if you walk by the White House, you may or may not hear the sound of an xylophone being played (badly).

Xylophones have really cool names, but shouldn't, because it doesn't match with the intrument that they are. No one plays the xylophone, and people think it's so weird that they call people who play xylophones weird just because they play them. They are wrong, don't listen to them. Oh, and by the way, if you play an xylophone, then you're weird.

Xylophones are known for being annoying just naturally, and many people hate them. They don't fit in well with many genres of music, and are almost never heard on the radio, and definitely not on modern radio stations.

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