For those offended by this article: Well that's too bad, you're too fucking sensative to consider the consequences of your actions, you little dumbass motherfucker.

^^^^ Yeah, what that random, lame person said ^^^^

Yo Momma is what many think is the center of the universe. Comments from people who say "Yo Momma" as an insult have NO idea how to insult, and thus will never make it in life.

Yo Momma modeling.

The phrase is commonly used to refer to someone who is the mother of an innocent who child who can't stand up for himself/herself. S/he cannot begin to think of how to come up with a comeback after receiving those two words.

Yo momma gets in a lot of trouble. When yo momma goes into the park, seeing as there is no room for anyone else, many start to get jealous, and so people start calling the army to move her out of the way. Hopefully she won't land on another building and crush it. That would be terrible.

The reason why Walmart is so big is because yo momma shops there.

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