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YouTube is a tree bark only found in Antarctica. It contains many secrets in telling the Earth's past, such as when volcanoes errupted, when the Nazis attacked Hitler with birds, and when Go Diego Go! aired on Nickelodeon.

History Edit

Discovery Edit

It was discovered by New Yorkers back in the 1400s when they were driving along Antarctica's landmark "The Empire Continent building" which is one and a half feet taller than the Empire State Building.

What happened Edit

They were driving their Honda Accord when they ran out of gas and hit a tree. When they found out that their GPS system was wrong and that this wasn't actually Asia, they were furious. But they knew that something so treasured like new tree bark was priceless.

Journey back & failing financially Edit

However, when they got back to America, they sold the bark at an auction for $5 to Bill Gates, who had just jacked Microsoft from Apple inc. So they didn't get money from it after all.

No really Edit

Main article: The actual article on YouTube

In serious terms, it's the center for videos on the Internet.

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