You Don't Mess With the Zohan is a 2008 wannabe comedy film written by two co-writers on some kind of unknown crack that Drugologists haven't seemed to figure out yet. But they will, oh, they will!! *coughs*.

Cast Edit

  • Adam Sandler stars in it. But no one's really heard of any of the other actors/actresses so they were just like "hmm....yeah idk"

Plot Edit

Apparently, this guy who has such a strong accent to where you can't even understand a word he says, wants to fake his own death so he can go to America and cut hair. Now how ridiculous is that. So yeah.

It's pretty pointless, meaningless, stupid, and uncreative.

Reception Edit

Portland Oceanic Citier gave it a 1/10 rating, stating "this movie isn't funny, it isn't good, it has a terrible, dumb, pointless plot, and it just f***ing sucks!!".

New York Times said "What the f*** is this?"

Rolling Stone Magazine said "WHAT THE F*** IS THIS?!"

Gross revenue Edit

Not enough.

See also Edit

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