The zoo is where all the animals, including your ex-pet giraffe which you tried to hide in your backyard but didn't work, live and fight to the death.

Yep, that's pretty much it, so you can go ahead and just admit that the zoo is pointless, meaningless, stupid, and a captivity for the wild when they should be let free and be able to run mercifully without someone torturing them in small amounts of space inside a dirty cage Die in hell.

With your imagination Edit

Try and imagine that you are living amongst a prarie of a whole bunch of animals and you can feel the 70 degree weather take a toll on you as the blue, boring sky with that hot sun feels so "relaxing" and you're just laying on the soft, green, wet grass, watching some animals play with each other and then suddenly the sky blows up and you all die.

Yeah, try to imagine that for me, would ya? Because stuff like that is pretty fun to imagine if you ask me, and no one really knows what this has to do with a "zoo" anyway, but who really cares? It's life, man. You live it, for some, pointless reason, and then you die living. Whoa. Never heard that one before. Nah, prob heard it from yo momma or somethin.

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